What the tournament is all about

Why Football?

“The Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament is a celebration of the spirit of the Palestinian community in Gaza. It is an opportunity for people to get together for fleeting moments to look passed the scars of war, the ongoing struggle under siege, and the anxiety of the pain that is yet to come, and seek unity, togetherness and the love for sports.

Gazans are resilient people. Their struggle is deep-rooted and recurring. But they always find a way to prevail, and somehow to survive. The Ramadan tournament, which carries the name of Rachel Corrie, whose memory is cherished by all Palestinians, is one platform that helps Gazans articulate, yet once more, their insistence on their love for life, and hope for the future, despite every attempt at denying them life, and depriving them of hope.

It is a project that I fully support and endorse. It is pure in its intentions, and noble in its message. Please support the tournament, this year and every year.”

– Dr. Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian-US author, editor and journalist.


Why The Name Rachel Corrie ?

The tournament development team in Rafah chose the name “Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament”:

“Rachel came among us and joined us in our struggle for justice as Palestinians; she did not think in terms of this faction or that faction. In the spirit of Rachel Corrie we hope to provide more than an event, but also a place for all the people of Rafah, regardless of faction. This tournament will provide a place for all community members to participate as Palestinians. It is truly a place to re-invigorate community.”

– Khaled Nasrallah and Adan Abu Al Sa’ud,

Co-Founders, Rachel Corrie Ramadan Football Tournament