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Every year the tournament is attended by larger crowds from across RAfah's community of displaced peopleSupport the tournament in Rafah:

  • Help us by opening your own Peer-to-Peer fundraiser page. In a few steps you can be harnessing the power of your personal social network in support of  this great project.
  • Make a personal donation now Please choose specifically “2016 Ramadan Football Tournament” from the Program Designation menu.
    • Checks can be sent to: The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice 203 East Fourth Ave., Suite 402 Olympia, WA 98501
  • Email friends and family with an invitation to view our site and learn about the tournament.
  • Facebook: share and like our page to get updates. Also in Arabic!
  • Twitter: follow the tournament progress.
  • Make a matching fund commitment. For example, you match every donation of $25 with another $25, up to  $1,000, for a total $2,000. Contact us to learn more.
  • Keep up to date and informed on issues regarding Palestine and the Middle East at the Palestine Chronicle, featuring author and political analyst Dr. Ramzy Baroud.
  • Learn more about the Nakba, and the destruction of villages and towns of historic Palestine.

 Our goal this year’s Young Men’s Tournamet: $11,000. Your donation not only provides the basics: stadium rental, supplies and preparations, new footballs, and other necessities, it also covers extras that make this tournament special. The final match is a huge event in the community where two teams face off on in a large sports venue, banners welcome the fans, and local sports commentators call the play. First and second place team members receive a Rachel Corrie commemorative medal, a sports tote with a football jersey and football shoes. Special recognition prizes are awarded for Most Valuable Player and for Sportsmanship.  After the final game organizers and special guests commune and celebrate a job well done with a delicious Iftar meal.

With your support it will be another great community event.

Thank you for your kind consideration and support.

John Harvey, Maryam Moarefvand, Andrew Ford Lyons
Tournament Coordination, US/UK

Kareem Naser & Khaled Nasrallah
Tournament Organizers, Rafah, Gaza